MobiFi May Just Be The Answer We’ve Been Looking For

Kosta Kathiniotis
2 min readMay 11, 2021


What would a better future look like?

Imagine you walk out of your door in the morning into a green and liveable city. You can choose to call upon a car. An algorithm has calculated the smartest route for the vehicle and picks up a few other people on the way. Since the city council has banned private cars in the city, tons of new mobility services have arrived. It is cheaper for you not to own your own car, and it reduces congestion, so you arrive at your destination more quickly and don’t have to spend time looking for parking. There are a lot fewer cars on the streets and the rest are electric. Single-use plastics are a distant memory and because you buy a lot fewer things due to stuff lasting longer, you can actually afford to put unused credit to work.

MobiFi serves as the main financial system orchestrator giving life to this future.

One of the key reasons why our present Mobility modes set in cities seem to be increasing in complexity but drastically decreasing in overall performability is due to the lack of systemic direction.

And MobiFi is here to change that…

What MobiFi brings to the table is a transparent platform with a tokenized payment system to connect mobility service providers and users. Their unique DeFi bridge makes it possible to turn unused credit into a yield engine.

Didn’t catch how crazy that is?..

Imagine your metro card was digitalized into an app and instead of ‘just’ storing credit onto the metro card your unused credit starts getting put to work to produce more credit for you to use as you store it.

Cryptocurrency has unlocked a unique future for us to look forward to and MobiFi is making that possible for businesses and everyday people like yourself to utilize.

What do you think the future holds?

And do think Mobifi fits right in?

let us know in the comments below…

Otherwise keep well, Kosta!